Kalaloch earrings

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These Tree of Life earrings are named after the Kalaloch Tree. Sitting on the US Pacific coast, not too far from the border with Canada, is this natural wonder, an ancient tree that seems almost suspended in mid-air.  

The Tree of Life is often as a metaphor for our journey through life. As we grow we have to choose our path, gaining in strength, character and wisdom. Down through the ages, many cultures have ascribed the same symbolism to similar tree.

Unlike the traditional design seen on countless pieces of jewellery, these earrings are a more stylised representation. The earrings consist of a large silver hoop representing both earth and sky. The silver trunk grows from this foundation to support delicate branches of rose gold.

  • on posts
  • silver and rose gold plating
  • 5cm diameter
  • 8.5g

Complements the Leaf cuff and the Miami necklace perfectly.